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Welcome to Taeyang Interior Design Services! Our Singapore interior design company is run by a team of committed, energetic individuals. Experienced architects and talented designers with a shared passion for top interior design make a unique combination that offers exquisite solutions for every client.
We see every new interior design project as a chance to design something unique and fresh. Our interior design Hougang team concentrates on curating every client’s idea so they can find the ultimate solutions and design remarkable long-lasting spaces.

How Our Singapore Interior Designing Works

No matter the service, there are a few important things we follow to ensure your project goes well.

We have five stages to guide you through the whole interior design process. At Taeyang Interior Design Services, we genuinely believe that a dynamic and productive space is born through a method of discovery, brainstorming, processing, filtering, and filtering again. That proven interior design process involves the following steps:


This stage of the Singapore interior design project includes preliminary investigations of your property or site. We will know more about you and your design ambitions for the project, along with your budget and scales. We will also work with you to create a comprehensive brief and learn your design preferences.

Concept design

This is the start of the creative process. We will create architectural layouts for your property as we start to study finishes, influences, and design styles. We will make renders and early 3D models, too, describing the volumetric aspects of your design.


Client approval of the design concept takes the process to the following step with more refinement of the design and consideration of each detail. Final changes can be done before working CAD drawings are made in conjunction with your architect.

Specialist and technical design

Approved designs are converted into working drawings in preparation for the works to start on the site. Each room or area is developed with wall elevations, sketches of suggested window treatments, cabinetry, furnishing, carpets, lighting, and floor plans. 


Our Singapore interior design services involve project administration and coordination. That includes following the project’s completion and working with relevant suppliers, craftsmen, and subcontractors to guarantee every stage of the project is performed to the highest standards.

Singapore Interior Design Outcomes You Will Love. On Budget. On Time.

Your home is the centre of private activity, the heart of life. It is also the place where you gather with family members, spend time with friends, and where everyday moments can become lasting memories.
At Taeyang Interior Design Services, we have improved the entire interior design process, so you can concentrate on the beautiful result of a redesign than feeling overwhelmed and stressed. We are specialists in every aspect of interior design in Singapore, working each step of the way to make sure you are getting personalised and informed experiences.

✓ We will finish as strong as we begin

Our top-notch project management team will make sure the process of bringing an interior design you love to live are all done well. Your interior designer Singapore project will be delivered on time and on budget.

✓ We are never selling

We always treasure the trust that comes with you choosing us as your interior decorator Hougang. Respecting your budget is a crucial part of keeping that trust for us. That indicates that we will never show you options that are beyond your budget’s reach.
We will make sure you have clarity around how your budget will be used throughout the project.

We are always friendly

Our job is to make your Singapore home’s transformation a reflection of you than us. You can expect that our rapport will be the best, and we will never beat up on your choices, suggestions, ideas, or home.