What We Do

Taeyang Interior Design Services prides itself on having partnered on a wide array of projects with clients. Our team includes project managers, architects, interior designers, and furniture developers. We work very hard and on time to satisfy all our clients’ needs and make their interior design Singapore extraordinary and remarkable in a way that reflects their image.

Space Planning.

Our space planning services begin with detailed research into your requirements for interior space. After that, we prepare a detailed design proposal and produce block diagrams of every floor and make preliminary space plans, product budget, and typicals.

3D Visualisation .

If you like to make your interior design Singapore to life with realistic architectural visualisation, then Taeyang Interior Design Services is the perfect place for you. Our team specialises in 3D visualisation with a focus on architecture.
Your concepts, construction projects and plans will all be realised in close cooperation with us according to your ideas and wishes. Thus, every interior 3D rendering we offer is 100% unique.

Execution of Work

We have a team of experienced and talented interior designer Tampines who are committed to offering the ultimate interior design services in Singapore. Our aim is to provide the best and quality services with remarkable and impressive design along with the planning and execution of the interior décor services at competitive prices.
Taeyang Interior Design Services provides a broad spectrum of interior design services, from individual rooms to full renovations. Continuous coordination during the design process with contractors, vendors, and service providers ensures that designs are done on time and within budget.
We guarantee that the project has been developed based on our client’s original plan upon the achievement of the interior design Singapore work.